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  • Dr. Patel is really cool. He’s friendly. He’d make sure to ask me if everything felt ok in my mouth. He always told me what he was going to do and it made me feel comfortable when i went there. I liked when he would count to three and snip the wires. The best was when he let me have all 3 colors for bands for 4th of july. He even put them in the right order-red,white,and blue. Thanks Dr. Patel! – Walt – 19 year-old male
  • Dr. Patel really works well with Walt – Walt is on the Autistic Spectrum and does not like strangers. Dr. Patel really gets how to relate to Walt – It’s very difficult to find a healthcare professional that takes the time to reach a “special needs” patient – Kudos to Dr. Patel. – Susan (Mother of Walt, 19-year-old male)
  • It has been my pleasure to have Dr. Alpesh Patel as my daughter’s orthodontist. He is very knowledgable in his field and fully explained possible treatment options for her particular needs. I received thorough verbal explainations and opportunities to ask questions for clarification. He emailed photos and articles on treatment options for my further understanding. Along with his clinical excellence is his terrific ability to connect with patients and make them feel comfortable. With his calm demeanor, he is able to make patients relax and feel what they have to say is important and for them to understand he truly cares about them and their orthodontia care. I highly recommend Dr. Alpesh Patel. Sincerely, – Denise B. (mother of Katie, 15-year-old female)
  • I can’t say enough nice things about Dr. Patel! I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone in need of orthodontia. Our oldest daughter received orthodontic treatment from him, and he always treated her with the utmost kindness, warmth and respect. This was coupled with great skill and knowledge of his field. Dr. Patel’s communication skills are excellent, and I always knew exactly what stage we were at and what to expect next. Our daughter now proudly sports what she calls “a movie star smile” thanks to Dr. Patel. – Cyndi F. (Mother of Delaney, 14-year-old female)
  • Dr. Patel is my orthodontist, and this has been a great experience for me. I appreciate how he explains things to me so I know what to expect. He is always very nice to me and checks to see if I am okay. I’m very happy with how my teeth turned out, and I think he is a great orthodontist. I would recommend him to anyone who needs braces! – Delaney F. – 14-year-old female
  • I am a 70-year old orthodontic patient and my case has presented some problems. I can’t say enough about the care I have received from Dr. Alpesh Patel. He is one of the most caring, mannerly medical professionals I have ever encountered. He has worked with me for over two years and has faced each challenge with grace and dignity. The results have been amazing. I wish he would be here to finish my treatment, but I know he has to move on. I will truly miss him and wish him luck in his new endeavor. – Irene R. – 70-year old female
  • My name is Rawan E. and I was lucky enough to get Doctor Patel as my dentist! Usually people hate going to the dentist, but with Doctor Patel I actually looked forward to it! It was a very good experience with him. He always made me laugh, he kept conversation (yes or no questions because i couldn’t actually talk with my mouth open) and my favorite part about being his patient was that he would always tell me the names to all the tools he used, what he was doing and why, and all the information that I ever wanted to know because I too want to be an orthodontist, so he was helping me out with my future. Doctor Patel is really nice and can make 15 to 30 minutes of dentist time go by really fast. Even my sister loves to sit by us while he is working and talk to him because he is so fun to talk to! That’s just his personality! I got my braces off just a little bit ago and, thanks to Doctor Patel, they look perfect! When he was working on my braces he was really soft with handling the tools, like making sure not to poke my gums, or make me bleed, or anything that would hurt. I am very glad that it was Doctor Patel who did my braces for me because it was not as painful as all my friends that went to other dentist offices to get their braces done. When it come to how to clean my teeth he showed me a way to brush and floss my teeth that was really easy to get around brackets and now, without the brackets anymore, how to get around the permanant retainers. Doctor Patel is an awesome dentist and I’m looking forward to my next appointment! – Rawan E. – 13-year-old female
  • Dr.Patel is more than my orthodontist. I can honestly say he is one of my best friends. I like how we have some of the best conversations with each other and he is a really funny guy. He has made me more confident since he’s been fixing my teeth … and I’m proud to say he’s my orthodontist. – Shawnn O. – 15-year-old male
  • Dr. Patel,
  • Thank you for the great care and beautiful smile you created for Shawnn. We were so blessed to get you! You are absolutely awesome at what you do. You took my self-conscious and withdrawn preteen and turned him in to a confident and outgoing young man. Not only did you work hard and settled for nothing less than perfect but you have the best “chair-side” manner I have ever seen, my son (who had to have gas for a cleaning) was totally comfortable with you. We are so sad to see you go and will miss you so much! I know that you will have much success in your practice because YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you for everything that you have done. -Shawanna L. (Mother of Shawnn)
  • Dr. Patel showed a genuine interest in helping our son get a great-looking smile. He is always upbeat, friendly, and encouraging. On our treatment planning visits, he gave a great explanation of how braces would be used and what we could expect. He clearly explained the options and took time to answer our questions. Over treatment, he kept us updated and took time to answer our questions. Over treatment, he kept us updated about how things were going and never seemed rushed. When we had concerns, he really wanted to understand them and took time to talk with us about how things were going. We especially appreciate that he took time to share his own experience wearing braces and showed us that he really cared about our son. – Dr. T. Landers & P. Landers (parents of Joey, 15-year-old male)
  • Dr. Patel is an absolutely phenomenal orthodontist! I would absolutely recommend him to any one of my peers or family members. When I first started seeing Dr. Patel…my teeth were a mess. There have been immaculate changes for the better, and I couldn’t have asked for a better orthodontist to do the job. I have nothing bad to say about Dr. Patel, as I’m sure that you will find out yourself. – Joshua G. – 20-year-old male
  • Dear Dr. Patel, Thank you so much for being such a great orthodontist. You are my favorite doctor I have. Thank you again for being a nice, funny, and great doctor to me. – Kirsten C. J – 10-year-old female
  • Our granddaughter has been a patient of Dr. Patel’s for the past couple years. I can’t begin to express how happy we were with the care she received. She is now on her second phase, therefore, the braces are off for a while and her teeth look great. Every visit she would look forward to her appointment…she loved him. – Cindy W. (grandmother of Kirsten, 10-year-old female)

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